Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SOE Fan Faire Part 4 (Sunday)

Seriously? This is it? You advertise a four day event, but day four's "event" is "check-out?"



Not that I didn't know in advance that Sunday's schedule was essentially empty, but the total lack of ANYTHING interesting was a real let down. Next time, just advertise it as a Thursday-Saturday event, or better yet, Friday-Sunday.



Jason said...

I come from a long background of Gaming Conventions, Origins, GenCon, etc...

I remember the excitement and thrill of getting there a day early to pre-reg, just to hit all the midnight madness events the RPGA threw. It's a shame Fanfaire can't even have a 24 hour game room.

Almeric said...

Hmmmm, can they not? I think that's actually a great idea. Right now I'm missing Gen Con, in fact, which makes me very sad, but I surely do remember the all-night access to certain areas of the convention.

Now sure, having 24-hour MMOing has certain limits of excitement, but why NOT a hall full of tables for people who brought cards, or maybe get a cache of board games to make available too?

Even in Vegas, that would have been great fun for those of us who don't like to gamble!

Anne de Siecle said...

Agreed. We bought an all-access pass, showed up very late on Friday (but thanks for the contacts to get us into the Party!) and essentially paid full price just to attend things on Saturday. Disappointed on that aspect, but overall, enjoyed our first Faire.

Oi said...

I'm going to miss gen con this year in D-town. /pout ...but hey... I plan to make it to the next FF just for kicks if EQ2 is still in business.