Monday, November 5, 2007

Busy busy busy!

Sure, I hoped to get a little traffic boost following my last post, but it's really been quite incredible. Thank you all! :)

As an aside, "Lightballoon's" real (character) name was leaked (NOT by me) on a large, unofficial EQ2 message forum. I guess this led to a few people around the community sending him tells to inform him that he's a complete dipshit. He has since accused me of writing his name on my blog and asked me to remove it. I even did a text search just to make sure I didn't slip up, and sure enough, I have not. So yeah...that happened.

I hate to slack off after all this, just in case I get some return visitors, but it's going to be a short while before I make another normal post here. I have two major* writings in the works - one to be posted eventually here when allowed, and one to be displayed in a place TBA once it's all set in stone. I haven't finished either item yet, so I doubt I'll have time to write much here until I clean up this to-do list.

I'll be in touch!

*full of loquaciosity (tm)

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